A boarding management system that reduces turnaround time and improves passenger experience.

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The Solution

Reduces boarding time

By implementing a more efficient boarding sequence through Passage airlines can reduce boarding times by 40% per flight.
Passage gives airlines ultimate granular control over how their aircraft is boarded.

Improves passenger experience

Passage will eliminate queues and congestion in the plane and put anxious fliers at ease by efficiently communicating precisely when to come to the boarding gate and begin boarding.

Jan 2020

Idea born

One of us wondered why the boarding process is so frustrating and time-consuming and set out to create a solution to solve this problem.

July 2020

Team Formed and Accelerator Entered

The members of our current team got together and entered the accelerator with the intention of obtaining funding.

Oct 2020

Seed Funding Obtained

We managed to complete the 3-month accelerator and learnt many things. In the end, we ended up as one of the winners and managed to obtain $12.5K of funding.

Dec 2020

MVP Development Started

We started to design and develop our MVP solution to test if our estimation of reducing boarding time if practically possible.

Our Team

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